Madama Scintilla

(Madame Sparckle)

…from a faraway era, a sweet and radiant warrior brings her passion onto the scene.

A flaming dame who, with her elegant gestures, strikes at the very heart of the audience with her scintilla (spark), sprinkling droplets of the very essence of emotion.

With numbers as delicate as crystal, trials of skill and breath-taking special effects, she leads us to reflect on the forces of good and of love that every one of us withholds.


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Darius – Back in Time

On a rope, balancing over sharp blade and twirling spirits.
Darius will take you for a journey in a fantastic past.
You’ll be with bated breath!

Historical street circus, juggling and acrobatics on wire.

Skills blends to comicity and lightness, bringing us in mysterious and visionary world. Traditional themes of the historical theater, Fantasy/medieval stile, enjoyable for every person and age.